Overworked And Under Threat: Life Behind The Wheel

17 February 2008

Melbourne's cab drivers risk abuse and assault for a handful of dollars an hour, writes John Gascoigne... read full story

And The Most Polarised City Is ...

16 February 2008

SYDNEY is Australia's most economically polarised city, with the wealthy increasingly taking over real estate close to the best jobs and schools, while poorer people are being forced to live ever further from their work and schools, according to a report identifying the winners and losers of the economic boom... read full story

Onesteel Takes Axe To Somerton, Newcastle Mills

16 February 2008

ONESTEEL will close two steel bar mills in Melbourne and Newcastle and sack 270 workers in an attempt to slash costs by up to $30 million a year... read full story

A City On The Edge Of A Nervous Breakdown? Let Me Count The Ways

2 February 2008

This week's F3 stoppages were a reminder of the pathetic state of our transport infrastructure. In one case a single truck accident led to a 10-kilometre traffic jam and thousands of people being delayed by hours in reaching jobs and homes... read full story

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